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all-NEW photoart portfolios

I’ve added a new photo page to this “my life as a piece of string” project dedicated to where you will find my themed photoart collections.  I was blogging them but found this to be a much better way of archiving and of making them available to easily see anytime……

You will find by clicking on the Photoart Portfolios link here or in the navigation menu at the top of this page and all of my other blog pages.  This link will take you too all of them to which I will be adding new collections from time-to-time so stay in touch.

The current collections on show are:

 Thanks for taking the time~~



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welcome to my themed PhotoArt collections

______________MIND YOUR HEAD_______________

this gallery has low ceilings

work is now complete!…

welcome to my themed-collections of photoArt that I’ll be posting regularly here

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~ hope you enjoy and stay in touch and keep coming back~